Saturday, August 7, 2010

I saw OK Go tonight in Providence - they did a free show at Waterplace Park.  It was pretty fun.  As usual, I ended up standing directly up front for most of the show.  This was the third time I'd seen them, but the first in any venue but Northampton's Pearl Street.  At the end, I snagged a setlist and a guitar pick, as well as a high-five-turned-handshake from the lead singer/guitarist, Damian Kulash.

It was an awesome experience, but it struck me afterwards that things of this nature are becoming almost routine.  That's not a bad thing by any means - it just means that my summer is living up to most of my hopes.  In the past week (in addition to the free OK Go concert), I've had a ridiculous and unexpected Saturday-night adventure with geeky strangers, two free advance screenings of Scott Pilgrim and an encounter with Michael Cera.  I've been hanging out on the streets at 2 AM with friends and been given a free bag full of McDonald's by a homeward-heading worker.  A man in a bar won a porn DVD out of a crane machine and gave it to me, then I proceeded to give it to a friend, who gave it to a drunk guy.  I played Pokemon on a fire escape.  And this is all in the last SEVEN DAYS.  Finally, I'm having a summer that's filled with adventure - adventure that revolves around getting out of my shell, going places and meeting people.

Today's song:  I was listening to this while walking down the street.  I dug the sentiment.

Blondie - 11:59

Today's thing:  Lyrics.

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