Thursday, July 22, 2010

The good:  It's not above 80 anymore.
The bad:  It's 78.
The ugly:  I live on the third floor of a brick building with no AC.

Today's song:  Here's one of the original songs Beck did for the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack.  I really like the lyric "I'm drinking shampoo and I'm tasting my grave," because it's pretty damn Beck-like.  On the other hand, the song's supposed to be by a fictional in-movie band, so maybe it being Beck-like isn't the best of things.  Hmm.

Beck - Summertime

Today's thing:  I recorded this and worked on some lyrics for it.  I'll have to add a little more melody (I think, anyway) as well as give it more variety, both drum-wise and in general.  But I think it has promise.

Stage Fright City demo

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  1. Yes, more melody, definitely. And cow bell, needs more cow bell! (kidding) A little more variety, like you say. It does have promise. I like it.