Monday, July 12, 2010

Today's class was interesting and, for the most part, excellent.  Introductions were made, the class format was explained, and a small amount of circuit bending was done.  Although not everyone stuck around for the actual putting-things-together portion, a good chunk of people witnessed the taking-things-apart bit, which seemed to be just as engaging as the actual constructive time.  We didn't get to make anything as complex as I was hoping for, but people still seemed genuinely interested in what they were doing, so that was fantastic.  Admittedly, the whole circuit-bending thing was better suited for a smaller class, but hey, now I know.  Next week, we'll be playing acting games, so that should include more people.

Today's song: Here's another mashup. This one uses 15 different songs, with the lyrics all blended together to form a different set of (cohesive!) lyrics. It's pretty impressive.

DJ Earworm - Like, OMG Baby

Today's thing:  I taught my first class, like I said.  We came up with a strange sculpture formed out of (carefully and tastefully) melted-together red fireman figures, with a working LED light, switch and all.  It now sits on my table as some sort of bizarre nightlight.

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