Sunday, July 4, 2010

Today, I went on a self-proclaimed "Boston Adventure," a short walk of the area around Government Center.  It was organized by the Society of Spontaneity ( and involved following clues given over the phone, as well as decoding cryptograms chalked around the city.  The whole thing culminated in a game of freeze tag, weirdly enough.  Hey, it was a fun way to spend the afternoon.

Now, I'm headed back to RI and spending the 4th there.  I'll watch some fireworks, drink some beer and do some laundry, then go back to Boston on the 5th.  I'd love to see Boston's celebration, but most of my friends and family will be in RI.

Today's song:  Like I said, I've been struggling with lyrics.  What I've come up with has been pretty ridiculous, messing with alliteration and in-line rhyming and all sorts of weird stuff.  I blame Barenaked Ladies being one of my early musical influences, just listen to the lyrics in this one - "...and my gastrointestinal festival's best of all, cardiovascular questions they ask you are less than the answers they give you are cancerous?"  Whoof.

Barenaked Ladies - Stomach vs. Heart

Today's thing:  I finally found some small toy keyboards.  I've been looking for them for a while now for a circuit-bending project.  I bought two, since they were six dollars apiece and I can cite them as an expense for the class I'll be teaching next weekend.  It's a necessary step in creation, at least - I also spent most of the day with relatives, so I'll take whatever productivity I can get.

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