Sunday, July 25, 2010

The project I was talking about was a success.  I subjected myself to a real-life adventure game.  It was intended to play like the old King's Quest games - you see your character's surroundings, then you control your character by typing commands like "GO LEFT" or "PICK UP ROCK."  In order to replicate this feel, I ran the game on Facebook via my cell phone.  I'd take a picture on my phone of what was nearby, then send it to Facebook.  Everyone who was playing would see it, then comment commands on it.  My friend would then text me the most popular commands, I'd do one or more of them, then take a picture of the results and upload that.  And so on.

Said friend and I set really vague "goals" ahead of time and were amused by the creative ways that everyone went about completing them.  Over the course of the evening, I went to the 38th floor of a hotel, was given a lei by a stranger and gave a bag of chips to a homeless man.  I did plenty of other silly things along the way, of course, and somehow managed to only spend $1.60.

Anyway, it went well and was a new experience, but there are still plenty of ways we could improve the game, like using a two-man team in order to keep the constant picture-taking from clashing with the actual game actions.  We'll work on it.

Today's song:  A friend sent me this, it's pretty rad.  He got to see the DJ in person.

Kid Koala - Moon River remix

Today's thing:  That adventure game.

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