Saturday, July 3, 2010

On Vuvuzelas, a second time

So, if for some reason you haven't heard, a vuvuzela is a loud plastic horn that you can usually buy at or near sporting events.  It's come into the public eye lately because of its prominence at South African World Cup matches; the instrument is a key component of their soccer (er, football) culture.  Thing is, when a large portion of an already huge crowd all blows them at once, the stadium sounds like it is filled with a giant swarm of VERY ANGRY BEES.  Since this noise is annoying as hell and impossible to ignore if you're watching the Cup, even on television, it's become a weird pop-culture thing.

Now, vuvuzelas, or at least the idea of them, are everywhere.  People are making jokes about them online.  Photoshops are cropping up, adding vuvuzela-blowers to famous pictures.  YouTube has even added a vuvuzela button, which lets you play a hellacious buzzing noise over the video you're watching.  I was at a bar the other night, watching a crowd of people play darts.  At one point, just when some guy was about to take a shot, all of his friends started going "BZZZZZZZZZZZZZ" to mess with him.  It's kind of like Kanye when he interrupted Taylor Swift, except anyone can buy their own Kanye to interrupt people with.

'Cause that's where things are about to get interesting.  With the 4th of July coming up, street vendors all over will be pushing carts full of vuvuzelas.  They always have, mind you - those long plastic horns in red and blue?  Yeah.  Those.  What makes this year different is that now they're popular, now they're a fad.  Now, people will go "oh, hey, vuvuzelas!" instead of "oh, that silly horn thing."  I'm forseeing - or forehearing - a 4th full of bees.

Maybe I'm wrong, maybe those garish horns will go largely unsold.  There's always the chance that the public will go "oh, THOSE," shudder, and turn away.  I can only hope that this is the case.

Today's song:  No real reason for this one other than the fact that I like Franz Ferdinand and their newest album (which came out early last year) didn't get as much attention as their others.

Franz Ferdinand - Lucid Dreams

Today's thing:  I did more work on that 8-bit rock song.  STILL no full lyrics yet - they're slippery buggers.

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