Tuesday, June 29, 2010

After more musicwork and watching an hour-long live webcam session that Andrew W.K. did, I walked over to an open-mic night at a place in Cambridge.  I found out about it this afternoon and figured I'd check it out.  It seemed like a good atmosphere - low pressure, some regulars, some newcomers, encouragement for all - so I figure I'll try to put a two-song set together for next week.  It'll give me a goal and deadline.

Oh, and when I was walking back, I ran into a dumpster diver.  Nice guy.  Gave me advice on where to look for discarded electronics to take apart.

Today's song:  Here's something that's a completely different genre than what I've posted so far.  It's drum'n'bass, which... well, it's not hip-hop, like this particular song sounds at first.  The drum'n'bass part kicks in at about 1:14.

High Contrast - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Today's thing:  I got some more of that 8-bit-style Party Hard cover put together.  The guitar's pretty damn fuzzy, though, so I may have to rerecord it or something.

8-bit Party Hard little more demo

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