Saturday, June 19, 2010

Writing more songs, filling out more apps.  It's a pretty damn balmy day out, so I walked down the block and took a few pictures.  They're kind of artsy-fartsy.

THAT's what I was hoping to get with the similar one I posted.  Like I predicted, I had to kneel right in the middle of the street when it was empty.  I've also been waiting for an opportunity to get this next one:

Then the next one's kind of the opposite.  NO TURNING BACK

Maybe I should have taken a few steps forward.  Oh well.

This one's just so I have an excuse to mention that the bells in this place ring pretty much every fifteen minutes.  There's the standard "Hear-the-bells-chime, what-is-the-hour" tune on the hour, but during the hour it's a weird variation that just kind of confuses me when I hear it.

Today's song:  No reason for this one other than that I really like it.

David Bowie - Afraid

Today's thing:  Here are those theme songs I promised!  I'd go on for a while about how terrible my voice is but you've heard me say that before so here you go.  If you're not in here and wanted to be, sorry.  If you're in here and didn't want to be, sorry part two.  If you're in here and wanted- ah, hell, here's the damn song.

Theme Songs

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