Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Another short post to counteract yesterday's wall of text.  Did I mention that I'm still searching for a job?  I aim to apply as a busboy (as well as a host of other things) tomorrow.  I also may start picking up applications to places where I'm ridiculously out of my element.  Like, say, Bloomingdale's.

Today's song:  So, after 20 years, Devo have a new album out.  It's pretty good, and it sure as hell sounds like them.  Seriously, listen to this thing.  Right from the beginning, it's DEVO O'CLOCK, SUCKERS yeah I really don't know.

Devo - Fresh

Today's thing:  I turned that 37-second bassline thing from the other day into a much fuller song.  I'm actually pretty happy with how it's sounding.  Now I need to write some lyrics, maybe throw in some "c'mon c'mon"s or "hey hey hey"s.

Bassline thing 2 fuller

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