Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Importance of Being Cera

For a while now, I've been told that I look like Michael Cera. It started off a few years ago with a couple of friends here and there. That's funny, I thought the second or third time it happened. However, as Cera stars in more and more movies, the comparison comes more and more frequently. By now, I feel like I have to write something in order to keep from going off onto a rant every time someone brings it up.

Last night was a bit of a tipping point. I ran into a friend and we hung out, talking. As I made some ridiculously poor play on words ("you snooze, you... miss Dustin... being in Connecticut...?"), she turned to me and said "You remind me SO MUCH of Michael Cera!" This was the second time I'd heard those words in as many days. The friend, of course, didn't know that. Nor did the rain-slicked city street that my cry of "FUCK!" reverberated against, but it didn't care much either way.

I'll admit, there is a little bit of a resemblance. We're both about the same height, weight and build. We have similar hair color and haircuts (though I like to think that mine is more stylish). We're also kind of awkward. Alright, maybe there's a lot of a resemblance. Still, the thing that has brought this percieved likeness to a head is one particular Cera role, one that's not even in theaters for another few months.

Yup, it's Scott Pilgrim. I read the comic last year after hearing it was being made into a movie. I loved it and made my friends read it. How could I not? It's the tale of a 23-year old slacker bassist who, in order to win over a girl, has to defeat her evil exes, boss-battle style. I know that the "twenty-something slacker" character archetype is designed to be easy to identify with, but this one's pretty perfect for me. Videogame references? Check. Rock music? Check. Being the main character of the movie in your head? Shit yeah. And the thing is, my friends have started to see a connection, too. Now, for every person who says I look or act like Michael Cera, there are two who will jump in and say that I'm a living Scott Pilgrim.

This is a marked improvement. While Pilgrim is now played by Cera, the character is different from Cera's usual smile-awkwardly-when-he-should-be-making-conversation type. Scott is still a goofy guy, yes, but he's far more energetic, upbeat and sure of himself. He's an underdog character, but he still kicks a lot of ass. This is the kind of person that, several years ago, I might have fantasized about being. Instead, it's the kind of person that I'm turning into.

I say this with no lack of surprise. For a long time, I've wanted to have an interesting life, to go forth and be awesome. Suddenly, I'm doing just that. I'm being bolder, I'm living on my own in a huge city for the summer. I'm getting into sold-out rock concerts by convincing the lead guitarist to put me on the guest list. I'm making my own (mostly crummy) music and playing (mostly tiny) gigs. I'm not punching people so hard they turn into coins, but I'm doing the rest.

When Scott Pilgrim vs. The World comes out in August, I will doubtlessly be compared to Cera even more than ever. It probably doesn't help that I have two t-shirts that Pilgrim/Cera wears. However, as more people become familiar with the character, hopefully I can make the leap from the S.S. Cera as it passes Pilgrim Island. Maybe in a few years, I'll step out of a club, amp in hand after opening for Lord Knows Who, and someone'll say "Good show. Liked it. By the way, you kinda remind me of Scott Pilgrim. Ever get that?" And I'll grin.

You better believe it's going to rock ultimate.

Today's song: I've gotta have something upbeat here. I've been listening to a lot of these guys lately, they're Japanese and heavily inspired by Devo.

Polysics - Wild One

Today's thing: I just wrote a damn essay about being compared to Michael Cera, I'm counting that as a creation. I need to go outside.

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  1. Haha, I thought that when I saw Cera's picture on wikipedia.