Saturday, June 26, 2010

Things I have witnessed in the city:

An ice cream truck.
Street sweepers.
Dumpster divers.
Young people makin' out.
Old people makin' out.
Runaway balloons.
Cop cars, fire trucks and ambulances.
Extremely bored anti-riot police.
Sports fans.
A sudden rainstorm on a balmy day that had everyone running for cover, united in one moment of "oh, shit."

Today's song:  I just ran across Guitar Wolf, a Japanese band that plays what they call "Jet Rock."  It's like punk mixed with rockabilly mixed with loads of distortion.  It's pretty neat.

Guitar Wolf - Jet Generation

Today's thing:  I started/continued a handful of music projects.  I'm trying to make a couple of the tunes from that set of mini theme songs into full-length songs, since I think they have promise.

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