Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Finally, the sun!  I've been waiting to take this picture for a while now.  This park is a 30-second walk from my apartment.  I have a few other places that I'd like to take shots of - if it's sunny again tomorrow I'll try for some of them.

I'd like to set the shot up so the Prudential Center and John Hancock Tower are larger in the arch, but I'll have to stand in the middle of the street.  At some point, I'm sure that it'll happen.  I also took this one on my cell phone over in Cambridge, just as a reminder of a shot I want to get in that summer documentary I mentioned.  On screen, I think it'll be delicious.  I say "delicious" because good shots make my mouth water.  It's kind of weird.

One new job app submitted, two more taken in.  I've officially initiated my apply-to-silly-places plan.  See today's thing.

Today's song:  It's funny because I'm unemployed.  And it's Tuesday.

Loverboy - Everybody's Working For The Weekend

Today's thing:

(click for big)
(eating shit like it's chocolate)

I'm tempted to add "My screenwriting professor," "The guy in the apartment downstairs who gets his mail in boxers and a tie" and "Martin from QC" but I think that'd be overdoing it.


  1. You were really going for it in the 'Tell us more about yourself' section. The only thing that would make it better now is if you stapled some money to the back of your app. maybe a few quarters or something.

  2. Personally i'd use superglue, and not a stapler on the quarters. Oh, and make sure it's lioncash!

  3. hahah good luck with finding a job jordan. I was just in boston yesterday and I didn't know you were living there! That is awesome. I am sure you will be hired very soon.-Hannah

  4. Rael, hell yeah. A bonkers app is funny, but a bonkers job is good for so much more comedic value.