Saturday, June 19, 2010

Screwing around at the speed of sound

Since arriving here, I can't actually tell if I've been productive or not.  On one hand, I haven't been able to find a job (which will soon pose a problem).  On the other, I'm making new music at a faster pace than ever.  More importantly, I'm making fleshed-out music - songs that are longer than the usual 30 seconds I can put together if I'm lucky.  It's kind of like the old simile of someone turning on a switch in my brain.  This is odd, because there's no actual reason for this to be happening.  I'm not doing drugs, I haven't learned any new theory, and I can't even say that I don't have distractions.  I've hung out with a handful of different friends already, and been all over the city.  Maybe I have fewer distractions, but there are still a decent number.

I guess I shouldn't question it.

Today's song:  OK Go released a new video the other day.  If you haven't watched it yet, you should.  It fits right into their collection of incredible videos.  One day, perhaps, they'll run out of ways to top themselves.  That day is not today.

OK Go - End Love

Today's thing:  I spent most of the afternoon and some of the evening working on this.  For some reason, I ended up having the idea to do mini theme songs for a handful of Hampshire people I know and make them all into one full song.  Each person's going to have two rhyming couplets (except for one so far) and a different guitar/bass riff based on something about them.  This is what I completed today - I still have several more segments to do.  The lyrics are written, but not recorded.


I'm hoping to finish it up tomorrow. 

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